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We build simple
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200 pages

3 page web
 starts about $275.00


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We also
teach you how
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Buy your own Domain Name
Make sure you own it

I own over 1,000 +  Domain names

The problem today it cost so much money to have a company build you a
web site and get it on the world wide web.

Question   What can I do?  HELP

If I talk to some one, will they help me, or just help me out of my money.

Example a owner of a company called a web company and they Bought him his company name and built him a web site and charged $1,250 for the design  and name, then it was $45.00 a month for hosting& maintaining the site
( Hosting Definition
Once your website is completed the site must be placed on a web "Server"
a computer which is permanently connected to the Internet).
The man is happy, then some time goes by and he can't find his company in Google search under services that he provides. Example  he searches Boise real estate. can't be found , so he calls the company and they say well you need to have us Optimize your site or SEO
 ( Definition SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. Typically, the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search)

Ok  They say $750.00 a month Woooo  but he need the traffic or clients to find his site Ok he signs up. Their he is on 1st page Google 4th name down Ok well some time goes buy again 2nd page Google then third page he calls several times Can't get the issue resolved. 

Decides I will go with a different company.
Problem The company that bought his name for him put it in their name
( He does not own his company name.  Sample   benchrealestate.com
He has been using this domain name on all his cards, flyers, for sale signs, email Every thing
The company says  You have to stay with us or buy your name from us. for $4,500.00

 DON'T  let that happen to you
Even if your name is Registered with a state.
does not  mean they can't own the Domain Name

Call me!  Robert and I will show you how you can buy your own company name and
 it yours to take with you where ever you go  Robert 208-371-7757

Drop down below and you will see a box with    www.______________

Put your name in and buy it now at Hostatmy.com  Godaddy affiliate site

Domain names are only $8.95cents a year   
It is like having a safety deposit box with your name in it.
Then call me and I will show you how you can Design and host your own site

Take the time to read this short arterial

And why do other countries want your company name ?
Read More Below

We have helped lots of people     Join us  Robert  208-371-7757


   Why not start buy seeing if your company name
is availability as a domain name. Type it in, Set up your account today domain names are Only $8.95 a year Less then the Cost of a visit to Jack in the Box.


www.    Only  $8.95 A Year  
    Need help thinking of a name or setting up your account.  
Call  Robert @ 208-371-7757 

These are some of the Names I own  TopEbaySales.com  - GlyfadaGreece.com  MyHarleys.com - MrLowrider.com -VisaMiddleMan.com  BuyAtMy.com / SellAtmy.com California Industrial Painting - Goseemylinks.com  - FlightsOnTime.com - Industrial Paint Manufacturers  Idaho Rabbits

And why do other countries want your company name?

  Let me Illustrate    

You think They want to  Sell You Your Own Name?  True 
In April I bought a Company's name for them.  I paid $1,000  Sad thing 3 years ago we
could of got his name for $8.95 a year.  He thought no one would buy his name.
 I mean why would some one want my company name? 
(Yea right)

But their is another reason  People in Japan, Korea, Pakistan, South Africa
India, Germany, and other countries are getting  
US. phone books
and buying the names of Company's  

 Because most likely The company has trucks with their
Company's Name on them & A Building with their name on it.

In today's market  most people with money that would Hire 
a company to do work for them, are also Computer savvy. 
 So when they see a Name on a truck  like 
Steve's Service Plumbing 
they go home punch in  www.stevesserviceplumbing.com  
Steve does own his name Go here and see 
his truck Advertisement

Because a successful  company has a web site

 Well Lets say  Steve does not have a web site
Or own his own domain name  
So who owns His Name?

 A Company in Pakistan Bought
 Steve's Service Plumbing  Name and also 200 other Plumbing Company's Names
all over the country.

 What they do is point all the names to one site, 
When you type in one of the plumbing company's names 
it goes to their site.
The site  opens up & says

Welcome to our Plumbing Company.

We have merged with many top Plumbing company's 
 to offer you Several Estimates. 
 Fill out the form below  Include your city,  State, Phone # 
 and best time to call and we will have
 3 Plumbing Company's set up an appointment 
to give you a 

So you fill out the form.
 Well out of the 3 Company's  you like 

Tom of   A. A. Plumbing  So you hire him He does a nice Job.

Well Tom goes back home and mails a Finder Fee check of $75.00  PlumbingInternational.com

Why would they Sell You Your Name?  

 When you are driving around with a billboard with your company's name on it, which could  make them  lots of money in the future
  as the Internet Grows .

Home City

We have helped lots of people     Join us  Robert  208-371-7757

Our Company also Teaches you and your family
(Wife and Children Better then doing video games, and soaps all day)
 how to buy a domain name, Get your own Hosting, and Design your own Website
We teach you how you can build web sites for others and set them up to take Visa and then advertise their site on your web site. We also teach you how to do
Google Ad Words and Key words
 Call  Robert and Ask some Questions. 208 -371-7757


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